About the Young’s Bus Service Live Timetable

The Live Timetable is an online application that provides to-the-minute visual information on the location of all Young’s buses.

The service allows you to:

  • Track any bus and see its real-time location on map.
  • View the ETA for any service.
  • View any bus route on map.
  • Find the closest bus stop to you.

The Live Timetable delivers a stream of information previously unattainable to your smartphone or computer. Your phone’s GPS can also be used to mark your location on map, so finding a bus stop has never been easier.

Live Timetable Benefits

Unlike a traditional timetable, the Live Timetable updates ETAs for each service every 30 seconds; changing with the conditions of the road. You will know how far away your bus is and how long you will be waiting at the stop. If the service is delayed or interrupted, the Live Timetable will generate a new ETA and save you in waiting time. The Live Timetable enhances the passenger experience by letting you know before you have to go.

How it works

GPS tracking units that are fitted into every Young’s bus transmit location data to an in-house server. This information is then used to calculate estimated times of arrival for each stop across all of our services. The ETA’s are then applied to the Live Timetable application to be accessed by a smartphone or computer. This whole process updates every 30 seconds to give you the most accurate information technologically achievable. The Live Timetable delivers a stream of real-time information to your fingertips, changing the way you catch public transport.

How to use the Live Timetable App

Using the Live Timetable to catch a bus is simple and can be accessed on any computer or smartphone. Click here for a step by step guide to viewing a route, selecting a service and tracking a Young’s bus in the Live Timetable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get the Live Timetable?
The online application can be accessed here. Bookmark the address for quick access.

Do I need a smartphone? 
Bus tracking and route mapping can be done through a computer or smartphone/device, however the ‘My Location’ feature requires GPS capabilities housed in most smart phones to function.

Does the Live Timetable cost money?
No, the app is completely free of charge.

Does the Live Timetable show school services 
Yes, every Young’s service remaining for that day is listed on the application.

Can I view services on other days?
No, the application only shows the remaining services for that day. For a full list of our Q-connect services click here.

What happens if my bus is cancelled?
The service will still be visible on the app but marked as “cancelled” in the listing. An alert icon will also appear if the service has been selected.

The ‘My Location’ feature won’t work on my phone?
The ‘My Location’ feature requires a phone that has GPS capabilities. If your phone does have GPS capabilities and still does not work, make sure your GPS has been enabled.

Can I download the Live Timetable through the App Store or Google Play store?
No, The Live Timetable can only be accessed through our website. For quick access we recommend bookmarking the Live Timetable and saving that bookmark to your home page.

How do I bookmark the Live Timetable on my phone?
Bookmarking is the best way to quickly access the Live Timetable. Each phone will have a different method for bookmarking but it will always be through the phone’s web browser. The best way to get this information on your specific phone is with a quick internet search.